List of Walks

These walks have all been published in past issues of the "The Village News". They have been devised by "one man and his dog" who takes absolutely no responsibility for accuracy or for any injury or mishap that might befall any person who follows them. And please don't try and blame the dog!

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The decline of rural pubs continues apace: we cannot guarantee that any particular pub remains open or serves food. You are strongly recommended to phone and check. Where we have discovered a web site for a pub marked on the map, we have included a link for your convenience. This does not imply any sort of endorsement.

  1. A circular walk from Boxworth - with four lovely churches to see - 6½ - 7 miles

  2. Parkland, woodland, a church and a churchyard - about 5 miles around Cockane Hatley

  3. A walk along Cow Lane, passing Hildersham Wood and down Park Road - a local, easy to find, predominately dry walk with plenty of wildlife

  4. The Magog Downs and Wandlebury - a good winter walk without going too far

  5. A War Memorials walk - about 7 miles starting at Barkway

  6. A short winter walk on Quy Fen - just under 4 miles. Visit Anglesey Abbey as well

  7. A bluebell walk near Therfield - about 4 miles

  8. Routeways, Ancient and Modern - including Fleam Dyke and Icknield Way path

  9. A favourite Sunday morning stroll - 1½ - 2 hours from Elmdon church (about 5 miles)

  10. A circular walk from Croxton - with Medieval England all around you - about 6½ miles

  11. A longer but charming walk from Stetchworth - about 11 miles

  12. Bartlow, Ashdon and Little Bowsers: A great round - about 5 miles

  13. An interesting circular walk from Burrough Green - about 5 miles

  14. A figure of eight from Granchester - about 4 miles

  15. A charming walk from Newport - about 5½ to 6 miles (2½ to 3 hours)

  16. A good round from Linton - 6 miles (about 3 hours)

  17. The Clopton Way, Hatley St. George and nearly to Hailey Wood - 6-7 miles (3/3½ hours)

  18. A walk from Arkesden - a great centre for walking in north west Essex 4 to 4½ miles (about 2 hours)

  19. A classic circular walk from Gazeley, taking in three churches about 5½ miles (2½ hours)

  20. Blubells, The Gransdens, and more. A short walk (about 3 or 4 miles) for late April and early May in particular

  21. Another lovely walk from Arkesden about 5½ to 6 miles (2½ hours)

  22. A favorite stroll near Elmdon about (2½ hours)

  23. A walk in Huntingdonshire 4 miles (about 2 hours)

  24. A good circular walk from Fulbourn 6 miles (about 2½ hours)

  25. West Wratting, Weston Colville and Weston Green circular 5½ miles (about 2-2½ hours)

  26. Bluebells, villages and more about 6 miles

  27. Barrington and Shepreth circular walk (about 2 hours)

  28. A walk through lovely Huntingdonshire - villages, riverside scenery and historical interest(2-3 hours)

  29. The Greensand Ridge and Everton (about 2-2½ hours)

  30. Stapleford and Copley Hill (about 2½ hours)

  31. A short walk to see the snowdrops at Landwade 1½ miles (about 1 hour)

  32. The Giddings - a shortish walk through the Huntingdonshire Wolds (2-3 hours)

  33. Circular walk from Sandon to Rushden and back 6 miles (2½ - 3 hours)

  34. Four Fenland villages, near at hand (about 3 hours)

  35. Tempsford - an airfield, war memorials, meadow and parkland (about 5 hours)

  36. A circular walk from Coton - with an amazing view of the Cambridge skyline. About 2& miles (1½ hours)

  37. A short walk to see the daffodils and primroses from Patmore Heath (about 2 hours)

  38. A walk from Chrishall Church(about 2½ hours)

  39. Brent Pelham and Stocking Pelham (about 5 miles)

  40. A walk around Wimpole and Great Eversden About 6 or 7 miles (2½ to 3 hours)

  41. Wilburton and Haddenham circular About 6 miles

  42. A local walk - Foxton, Fowlmere, Newton and Thriplow (a round of war memorials)About 8/9 miles

  43. Much Hadham circular walk. About 8 miles

  44. Pasque flowers on Therfield Heath About 6 miles

  45. Hinxworth, Ashwell and other lovely Hertfordshire villages About 7 miles

  46. All the camps in a morning About 6½ miles

  47. A North Herts circular About 3½ hours

  48. Fen Drayton Lakes 2½ to 3 hours

  49. Over the Hill and Back Again 2½ to 3 hours

  50. A good round walk from Littlebury Green (about 5/6 miles)

  51. A circular walk from Litlington, taking in Abington Pigott, Guildern Morden and Steeple Morden (about 6 miles)

  52. A walk from Wimpole, through Arrington and almost to Haily Wood. About 6/7 miles and walkable in about 3 hours

  53. A circular walk from Sawston to Whittlesford, About 6 miles 2 ½ / 3 hours

  54. A circular walk from Hauxton About 5 or 6 miles 2 ½ hours

  55. Weston Green Circular Walk, About 6 miles 2 ½ / 3 hours

  56. Thriplow Walk - Two Shorts or a Double

  57. A short but charming walk from Stetchworth - About 5 miles

  58. Church Views - A walk from Arkesden - About 8 or 9 miles

  59. Oakington, Girton and the Guided Bus - About 2-3 hours

  60. Woods and Weirs at Kirtling Green - About 4 or 5 miles

  61. A Dry Walk in Wet Times - A circle around Great Chesterford and Ickleton - About 4 miles

  62. Another busway walk - Longstanton to Swavesey, via Willingham and Over

  63. A walk from Comberton - 3-4 hours

  64. A War Memorials Walk from Ashwell - About 3 hours