A short winter walk on Quy Fen

This walk can be combined with a visit to Anglesey Abbey, where the Winter Walk through the grounds is well worth a visit, and perhaps particularly so when the snowdrops are out (Mid-February).

The walk takes between one and a half hours and two hours and is just short of 4 miles. It is easily found and is on generally well drained tracks. Boots are recommended however.

Getting there and parking

Drive to Anglesey Abbey, on the B1102 Burwell road, and park in the National Trust car park.

The Walk Walk through to the far end of the car park, heading for the left hand corner, go through a metal kissing gate, on to a narrow path, emerge onto a recreation field, and go to the left of the tennis court. Short path past some allotments on the right, and then turn left with the backs of houses and gardens to the right.

This path brings you to Lode Mill. Head over the footbridge by the Mill, and turn sharp left along the river (Quy Water). You will see the Anglesey Abbey Gardens on the other bank. Continue along this bank for about a mile, emerging from the shelter of woodland onto an exposed levee. Go through a metal kissing gate to the side of a wooden gate, and turn sharp right along the hedge to the corner of the field.

Go through the wooden kissing gate and turn sharp right, along a grassy track, and follow it as it swings sharp left. At the next fork in the tracks, take the right fork, and shortly after at a prominent finger post, go through a kissing gate into a field, and turn sharp right, following the sign towards Lode (1 1/4miles). The path runs parallel to the hedge on your right, but a quick diversion across the field (filled with cowslips in season) takes you to a fenced in memorial stone recording the death by lightning strike of William Ison (aged 29) in 1873. Back to the track, and shortly after take a right turn across a footbridge.

Follow the path round the edge of the field, and then it joins a broad grassy track. Quite soon there is a dilapidated building on the right, turn right and follow the track behind the building, and at a T junction turn sharp left along a cinder track. Shortly afterwards, the path goes off to the right through a wood, bearing left in the middle of the wood, and emerging onto a field edge path which leads back to the Mill.

Retrace the early part of the walk by going in front of the Mill, and taking the NO HORSES path down the back of the gardens, turn right with the allotments on the left. Keep to the right round the recreation field, pass along the narrow path, and so back to the National Trust car park.

If you time it right the cafe will still be serving food and drinks.

Neither the author nor his dog accept any responsibility for accuracy or for any injury or mishap that might befall any person who follows this walk. First published by "one man and his dog" in Great Shelford Village News February 2003

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