References and Sources

This booklet is in no sense an academic work, nor was it ever intended to be. As a result we have not dotted the pages with references to learned footnotes explaining the proof behind every statement. Nevertheless some readers may be interested in knowing what records were consulted in the compilation of this work.

Historical photos at the top of these pages are from the Cambridgeshire Collection

Printed Sources

V.C.H. Cambs. , vols. I - IV.
Procs. Cambs. Ant. Soc.
Rotuli Hundredorum
Cal.Patent Rolls
Cal. Close Rolls
Cal. I.P.M.
The Cambridge Chronicle
Kelley's Directories of Cambridgeshire
Gardener's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1851
Who's Who.
Burke's Landed Gentry.
E. Coneybeare, History of Cambridgeshire (1897)
Lysons, Cambridgeshire (1808)
P. H. Reaney, Place Names of Cambridgeshire (1943)
C.J. Allan, The Great Eastern Railway (1968)
R.C.H.M. Cambridge City (1959)
British Association, The Cambridge Region (1938 and 1935)
Geological Survey 1" map.
1st ed. 1" 0. S. map
25" 0.S. map 1885
6"O.S. maps 1902-1965

Manuscript Sources

Public Record Office, London: Inquisitions Post Mortem
Cambridge County Record Office: Enclosure Map and Award, Turnpike Records, Parish Registers, Railway Maps, 1" 0.S. map, original drawing, various records.
Cambridge University Library: various plans and sale catalogues 1800 - 1935.
St. John's College Accounts by H. P. Howard
Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Archives.
Royal Air Force vertical air photographs.

In addition to this list the main source for the history of Shelford has been the landscape of the parish itself. Without many visits, both individually and collectively the members of the class which have produced this booklet could not have made sense of the various written records that exist.

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