Village Design Statement

What is a Village Design Statement?

Village Design Statements are intended to provide guidance for any proposals for development and to influence the way the planning system works locally. They are a way of ensuring that new developments are designed and located in a way that reflects the local characteristics and qualities that people value in their village and its surroundings. The Statements are produced by the local community for use by planners, developers and local Councils. At present, local residents may only hear about proposals for development when the design is finished. Although the Parish Council is asked by South Cambridgeshire District Council for its views on planning applications, it may not get the opportunity to offer as much positive input as it would like, particularly on the design of new development (or "how it looks"). Often all that local people can do is react or protest. Once a Village Design Statement has been prepared the District Council knows, in advance, the sort of things that are acceptable to local communities.

The Great Shelford Village Design Statement was published in 2004. You can download a copy here