The Grange, Church Street, South Side

The site of the original Manor House belonging to the Abbey of Ely. The present building is largely the result of extensive reconstruction soon after 1890 and only the east wing is of any antiquity. This is probably the cross-wing of a late 16th or early 17th century house, timber framed and plastered, with a jetted overhang on the east now largely masked by later chimneys and outbuildings. The windows are all 19th century or later. The rest of the house appears to be all of late 19th century date, though there are two late 17th century windows on the south. These, together with some 17th and 18th century fittings in-s-ide, may all have come from elsewhere. N.W. of the house, fronting the street, are two small outbuildings. The east one is a 17th century granary, timber framed and partly plastered, much restored and altered. The west one is an 18th century brew house also timber-framed. A long range of timber-framed buildings running south from the brew house are the remains of stables and barns. They have a date 1736 on them but may be earlier. (RCHM)